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their capacity to safely fulfill


Students are required to notify the Year Coordinator in writing as soon as practicable of the implications of any illness, disability or circumstances that may impact upon their capacity to safely fulfill inherent tasks or physical or cognitive demands found typically during the completion of units of study or which may impact upon the safety of others during completion of units of study. Examples may include injury, chronic illness, medication and pregnancy. If not sure, the student should seek advice from either the Associate Dean for Students or Student Services to discuss matters in confidence.

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Jones couldn’t have been more jacked up when the Argos stuffed the Stamps on third and one at midfield. Jones looked like he was told he had won the lottery the way he was jumping around on the sideline. A holding penalty on Keon Raymond snuffed out a 105 yard return for a touchdown by Larry Taylor in the third quarter.

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Clinton’s standing has improved from the last Bloomberg Politics national poll in September, just before the first debate, when she and Trump were tied at 46 percent each head to head. While she’s still viewed unfavorably by 52 percent, an unusually high proportion for a nominee, the gap between her favorable and unfavorable ratings has shrunk to 5 points. Trump’s widened to 25 points.

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