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EWA BEACH, Hawaii He just might be the youngest recruit in history for the University of Hawaii Football team. Titan Lacaden is an 11 year old wide receiver with the All Blacks Crusaders in Kapolei.”He’s definitely a special kid,” said Frank Lacaden, Titan’s father and co founder of the All Blacks Crusaders Football Club.Titan just finished 5th grade, and his family says he already has his first offer to play college football with the Rainbow Warriors.”It was heavy, it felt like a whole block of cinderblocks came on my shoulders,” said Titan.The University of Hawaii at Manoa is one of his top three schools, and his mother’s top choice.”My mom is forcing me to go to UH, she doesn’t want me to leave home,” said Titan.Titan’s father said he knew football was his son’s game when Titan picked up a football and threw it for the first time at 2 years old, and as Titan got older, his talent only grew.”I’ve been coaching for over 25 years, at St. Louis High School, and a few years here at Kapolei, and I’ve been here and I’ve seen a lot of kids and done a lot of camps, and at this age I have not seen somebody with the skills that he has,” said Frank.Frank said Coach Nick Rolovich talked to their family at football camp.”Rolo pulled me on the side and asked me how I felt about a fifth grader, my son, being offered,” said Frank.They decided to go with it.”I’ve been through the recruiting process many times, and it’s a long, vigorous, narrow road, and many reach the door, but there’s many times that the door just doesn’t answer, and so when opportunity knocks you’ve got to enter, you’ve got to go, and so we went in,” said Frank.Titan has seven years before he gets to play college football.

A hook can reveal egotism, greed, and stubbornness. Here the hook represents ego, and because it points inward toward the first hump of the M, it shows selfishness. Consider the beginning stroke that is both large and flourished. County median household income: $32,396. State median household income: $49,928. Poverty rate: 35.9%.

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“It was just pure instinct,” Tumpane said. “You hear kind of stories of this all the time, different scenarios, people aiding and situation where I was lucky enough to be there to help and try to think of everything I could do, hanging on to her. At times she wanted to go the other way.

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