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Should drugs be legal in the U

moncler sale I have thought for discount moncler jackets a long time that the so called on drugs was absolutely ridiculous when it comes to marijuana. Do you realize that in the state of GA, that it costs around 30 to 40,000 dollars to house an inmate for a year? You do the math. I also agree that legalizing it could moncler jackets toronto benefit our economy greatly. Cigarettes and alcohol have worse effects than this particular drug. I do not think that all drugs should be legalized such as: cocaine, heroin, or meth. Marijuana is in the same category as these hardcore drugs because someone said that it was a drug which is absolutely buy moncler jackets toronto absurd. I also believe that the FDA has been fighting against the legalization of moncler coats for cheap marijuana because the drug companies would lose money, Official Moncler Outlet especially on cheap moncler jackets outlet their anti depressants. There are many over the counter drugs that are moncler jacket online far more dangerous Discount Moncler Coats than marijuana and if you are worried about children getting their hands on it, put an age limit on it and make it illegal to use in their presence. Come on people, get with the times.

buy moncler jackets Congressman Ron Paul is a product of the openness of Americans to giving equal rights to Moncler Outlet Sale all people, idealistically, to serve in the Congress. But like what most businesses are willing to say or print in contracts, just because it is said does not mean it so, right or legal. I am a brat and as such I have lived in many communities across the country since the 1963. One of the marked things in my life is the number, the HUNDREDs ON cheap moncler ONE HAND (?) of my past friends who moncler jackets outlet online are with ruined lives or mentally buned out or disfunctional in their lives moncler outlet usa yes on social support programs which cover the cost of living for rent, food, medications, etc. This moncler outlet includes people who I have buried who also lost out to alcohol. THESE PEOPLE ARE DENIED LIKE THOSE WHO DIE IN HOSPITALS UNSEEN. They are those other people. In this state, like all the others, in the suburban communities people pay $140,000 a month for cocaine, have their cases closed before court so they moncler outlet mall do not appear on the public record, and have the best expensive recovery centers which are not publically advertised while their drug scraps are sold for hundreds or a few thousand in the urban Moncler Factory Outlet communities, all cases for suspects appear on the court docket, people are trapped in communities which have MORE OR LESS RESULTLESS drug treatment programs (and suburban programs are financially more expensive as their habits from just as expensive hospitals with unending programs which don produce successes wherein community leaders sneak in and out who can not afford suburban programs, too).

moncler sale outlet To that ends, I wonder, if Congressman Ron Paul lives in a real cheap moncler coats for women world or a suburban community, and would HE dispense marijana to his children and grand children at home parties, knowing that they would almost definitely lead to cocaine, prescription drugs, etc. or end up like any of the hundreds or moncler outlet location thousands of people I know and knew from the suburban and urban communities I have lived in across the country since 1963. Anything they say should not be taken seriouslly because they are a federal Bureaucracy

who first goal moncler outlet kids s to maintain funding. Leagalizing pot and giving jurisdiction to the state would vertually be the end of the agency.

monlcer down jackets Not to mention the loss in revenue to local police and juvenile system which makes its living off a pot.

Pot should be legalized because it helps me with my depression. I feel alive i have the energy to exercive, i focus better, and it cancel my hunger.

cheap moncler jackets Regarding the legalization of drugs, these people have obviously never had an addict in their family or even knew an addict. I find it incredibly unbelieveable that a nation that is so irresponsible, people are trying to push to legalize drugs. When I say irresponsible, I mean that parents can even get a hand on teen pregnancy, bullying, so how on God green earth are we gonna legalize any drug and expect our citizens to not abuse it the same way they are abusing it now. I work in a recovery center and people are coming in here addicted to Oxycontin, Percocet, Xanax, moncler outlet ny etc. These drugs are legal even though can only be obtained with a prescription but they are still being abused none the less. We need to get a hand on our drug problem now and then maybe we would be mature enough to legalize drugs. The government only wants to make a quick buck with the legalization of drugs, but unfortunately it will be at the expense of our youth and fellow americans.

I, for one, am glad to see that moncler coats cheap we have at least one senator that is smart enough to do some research, come up with actual facts, and then present them in a logical order to support his https://www.moncleroutletssale.com stand. It also is not that hard to look at what other countries womens moncler jackets have done and see what has worked and not worked. Why are so many Americans that stupid too listen to anyone spout off emotionally laden rhetoric and not put forth any facts? I listened to the senator this moring on moncler jackets for women the news present a logical argument in a calm non emotional way, then listened to the opposition scream emotionally and offer no actual supporting facts to support his position. Point moncler outlet online well taken Senator, and moncler outlet uk I hope that moncler jacket outlet my fellow citizens actually use their brains to come to a moncler outlets uk conclusion rather than some emotional rhetoric designed to misdirect what the actual issue is.

cheap moncler sale PS Alot of people will say that the opposition to the senators stance of allowing the individual state to decide the legality of controlled substances made valid points. If those points moncler coats for men were so valid, why did he not take the time to cite any actual facts, especially when this person knew he was going to be on a national news show?

cheap moncler outlet If marijuana or any other currently illegal drug were legalized tomorrow, I would not use them. But, this is not the issue. Constitution. By what theory does the federal government in a free society dictate to citizens what substances they can or cannot consume? The drug war is just another example of governmental over reaching, and the improper intrusion upon the cheap moncler jackets right of the individual to make choices for him or herself. The flip side of this coin, however, is personal responsibility for one own choices. moncler outlet canada Just as the government cannot tell you that you cannot do drugs, neither does the government have a duty to provide programs for you to address your own decision to misuse drugs.

We moncler jackets canada think marijuana should be legalized, me and my girlfriend have smoked marijuana practically every day for almost 3 years. We have never felt any harmful affects from it at all, if anything we are more focused on work and more productive when we are on it. We both made the deans lists at moncler coats outlet our state college in Pennsylvania for every semester and are perfectly capable of functioning on marijuana. it is frustrating for us to see people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol legally when those are the real gateway and harmful drugs. How many people die from cigarette related illnesses or how many drunk driving accidents are there per year? Over 400,000 people die per year from cigarette illnesses and about 25,000 from alcohol instances depending moncler outlets usa on the information you find. Marijuana depends on the individual, it can help those that are in pain, it can make you more focused and build creativity or it can make you sit on the couch and giggle at the tv, either way its in no way a comparison to our other drugs that you can buy in the convenience store.

moncler outlet Legalize it, and i will advertise it.

moncler outlet sale LEGALIZE IT AND TAX IT!!!!! Cigarettes and alcohol are taxed to help fund recovery programs, do the same thing with the drugs. Set age limits, require doctor intervention for the hard drugs. Create more recovery avenues. Don put drug USERS in prison with murderers.

Keep the drug companies from making too much profits too. Then the pharmacies can buy through the government pricing and that would help keep the cost down to the you take the profit out of the drugs, the drug dealers don have anything cheap moncler jackets wholesale to fight about nor do they have any way to make money.

moncler mens jackets I have smoked my whole life. The ONLY issues have been with the Law and NOT the Drug. No Now at 40 years old. Top level Support for major Computer company have lost my job (this week) because someone said I smoked moncler outlet woodbury and I admitted it. The loss of my Job will be MUCH more of a damage to my life and family then the drug.

After several years on the Job as a TOP agent, PERFECT attendance and twice promoted. Fired due to my honesty. Well now I will take the Unemployment. Great Job Drug War!

Study the History of the Laws. Based on Racism. Scare tactics.

cheap moncler coats Read The Emperor Has No Cloths by Jack Ferrer!

moncler outlet store Wake up America. In a FREE country have the right to do ANYTHING that does NOT Hurt someone else. In my Home!!!! Now I need a Job!

moncler outlet online The legalization of marijuana would do two things. First, it would allow us to put tariffs on imported weed and thus take advantage of growing it domestically which, with this economy, is a very positive action. Second, by making it legal by a certain age, it will be harder for moncler outlet store younger people to attain. Weed is easier to buy than alcohol. Thats only because its just as illegal for an older person than a younger person. If there were an age limit along with the legalization of weed, there also becomes a factor of control. moncler jackets cheap We don just need to make it legal to have weed, we need it to be legal in our market for production, purchase, and sale.

Yeah let just add to the problem of our nation being over medicated, what a wonderful idea!! Illegally selling drugs already brings in multi billion $$. Imagine once ALL drugs are legalized how much that jumps. I see everyone quiting their jobs and selling drugs. Wow, what a wonderful scenario. would go from being an obese nation to being a nation full of stoners and coke heads.

The only people that moncler outlet online store should have the option of using those drugs are those with pain so severe that they would rather die, such as chronic pain from cancer, etc.

cheap moncler How about people try to achieve moncler coats sale an optimal state of wellness through diet and exercise. Laziness is the reason most people would rather sit in a damp basement, smoke a joint, and eat discount moncler outlet doritos. How about getting outside and enjoying the weather? There is vitually no need for recreational moncler coats for kids drugs, they are for people who have become weak in mind and body.

Legalization will more likely lead to a decrease and usage. The trends currently observed are likened to children, they always want what they are forbidden to have. it is a human condition that has plagued us since Adam and Eve who ate the forbidden fruit.

The other point is it is no wonder why youth are having problems in this nation that in one vain takes away rights to gays using on phrase in the bible, while the Book of Timothy instructs the reader that has given everything on this earth as long as we receive it with thanksgiving The contradiction which exist in these issues must be consistent and speak with one voice if religion will ever have any credibility for our children.

I want to legalize pot, heroin and cocaine. They were all legal in 1776 because our founding fathers did not want to waste precious resources on controlling their sale or manufacture. The founding fathers knew that the most important function of the courts and law enforcement was to keep economic transactions honest, fair and lawful. While the Feds and States were busy persecuting addicts dealers, Madoff stole 65 billion, and Wall Street caused the lost of approx. 11 TRILLION dollars, and alot of mortgage fraud has occured. Most of that will never be prosecuted because the courts, police, and moncler jackets prosecutors are too busy with drug cases. The total cost of the drug war is really in the Trillions because other types of crime have run rampant while our police are devoting literally half their time going after drug dealers, addicts, and the petty crimes that addicts commit to get money for the drugs.

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