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It could move to another state and start the whole process


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This is exactly what happened in Spain


UK says efficiency drive to cut rise in power bills

LONDON, March 27 (Reuters) Britain government said household energy bills were headed for an 18 percent increase by 2020 but its canada goose factory sale policies canada goose store promoting domestic energy efficiency, including its so called Green Deal, would make the rise significantly smaller.

The average British household buy canada goose jacket could face an energy bill of 1,496 pounds ($2,300) per year canada goose coats on sale by uk canada goose 2020, according canada goose clearance to a uk canada goose outlet report published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on Wednesday, up from the 1,267 pounds it expects homes to pay this year.

If government schemes such as the Green Deal, which helps pay for energy saving jacketstock home improvements, are successful, the average 2020 bill will be 11 percent cheaper than this forecast, the report said.

policies, bills are still going to go up, but they are going to go up by a lot less, energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey said at a briefing for journalists ahead of the report publication.

The Green Deal is one of several canada goose coats government policies now in place that include plans to roll out smart meters indicating which appliances use most Canada Goose Online power replace inefficient boilers and encourage energy suppliers to help pay Canada Goose online for roof insulations.

Overall canada goose uk shop these measures will knock Canada Goose sale 452 pounds from the average bill in 2020, DECC said, Canada Goose Outlet although this saving will be reduced cheap Canada Goose to 166 pounds by the cost of other government schemes buy canada goose jacket cheap to boost renewable generation and levies on carbon emissions.

RISING BILLS Some analysts doubted the government figures, saying DECC reduction figures were hard to canada goose clearance sale measure and that installation costs for energy efficiency measures had not been included.

reductions are virtually all down to energy efficiency measures, the impact of which are not certain, whereas the increases are pretty much guaranteed, and these calculations do not include the cost to the consumer of installing the energy efficiency measures, Liberum Capital said in a research note.

concern is that when bills really Canada Goose Jackets start to ramp up, future governments will renege on the canada goose uk outlet returns promised to developers. This is exactly what happened in Spain, Italy, the investment bank said.

Britain government came under criticism last year when each of the country big six energy providers ramped up bills by up to 10 percent, blaming soaring wholesale gas prices.

British Canada Goose Parka wholesale gas prices surged to a record canada goose uk black friday high last Friday after one of its Canada Goose Coats On Sale main gas import pipelines shut down unexpectedly. Davey said companies canadian goose jacket would not cheap canada goose uk be able to use this canada goose as canada goose black friday sale an excuse to increase the cost for households.

will make it clear to energy suppliers that this is just a cold, temporary snap and canada goose outlet is no excuse for putting up energy bills, he said. ($1 = 0.6599 British pounds) (Additional reporting by Henning Gloystein; Editing by Anthony Barker).


Drive Sales Results with Workforce Planning


As the year comes to an end board rooms are filled with executives planning a bigger brighter 2013.  Leaders are analyzing historical performance, future trends, market growth, and methods to capitalize on opportunity.  These are leaders of change.   They are the driving forces behind vision that fuel transformation in the coming year.

At the annual company and sales kick-off meetings employees will learn about leadership’s vision for change.  Everyone will be informed about new products, new solutions, new service offerings, enhanced productivity, all of which targeted at improving their bottom line.  Who is accountable for producing?  People.

Organizations are then met with the challenge of executing business strategy at warp speed.  The whirlwind takes over all the while leaders need to determine if the right players are at the right place at the right time.  If they are not READY then how can they produce at levels preached at the kickoff event?

This is where strategic workforce planning plays critical role in supporting change.  Mollie Lombardi and Justin Bourke define workforce planning as “the systematic approach of aligning business strategy, human capital strategy, and budgets in order to ensure that talent with the right skills and competencies are in place to support anticipated and unanticipated future business scenarios…” (Strategic Workforce Planning – Winning Scenarios for Uncertain Times, Aberdeen).

In our world at WrightRobbins, we scale this process to fit specific change initiatives.  For example, we have one client that is launching major software products that will have a profound impact in the market.  Our client has high expectations for getting these products adopted quickly.  One of WrightRobbins’s roles is to help our client understand current capacity and capability to execute their sales strategy.   First step is to determine readiness through the following workforce planning process:

  • Analyze current sales & delivery capacity
  • Derive workforce demand
  • Identify capability gaps
  • Develop prescriptive readiness plans
  • Measure progress & performance

Clients often struggle with capturing current capacity and forecasting demand based on business objectives such as revenue attainment.  Over the years we developed a method for forecasting skill supply & demand for specific job roles including sales, technical pre-sales, implementers, and developers.  All of which are typical job functions in technology and professional service organizations.

The resulting skill gap analysis provides valuable business intelligence as to organizational readiness.  Leadership is enabled to maximize investment when they understand build, buy or acquisition needs.   The end result is to ensure key sales & delivery teams are READY to execute.   Prescriptive readiness plans help get the right people with the right skills at the right time.   Without it, leadership’s vision will not become a reality.

For information on how WrightRobbins can make sure your sales and delivery channels are ready for the cloud and how we can keep your team ever-ready (just like the cloud), give us a call or send us an email.



The 5 Pillars of Cloud Computing: How They Impact Technology Learning Strategy


By this time we know Cloud Computing has started to drastically changed how people use technology in the enterprise. But have you really taken a look at how these technology shifts are improving efficiency?

  1. On-demand Self-service: Instead of emailing a request to IT, we can self-serve information and computing resources.
  2. Broad Network Access: Instead of accessing information via our laptop alone, we can use our phones, tablets, workstation: any device from any location.
  3. Resource Pooling: Instead of dedicated computer resources, people across divisions and silos can share the bandwidth, servers and information.
  4. Rapid Elasticity: Instead of fixed resources, resources can grow—and shrink–dynamically as needs shift.
  5. Measured Service: Instead of guessing what people are working on, you can measure their time, and resource usage.

We call these the five pillars of cloud computing and when it comes to developing your technology learning strategy, they’re a big deal. Because the cloud is a disruptive technology, it has caused disruption to organizations’ workforces and how they adapt to it. Compounding this is the fact that for the first time in US history, we now have four different generations in the workplace with vastly different learning styles—each with different world views, expectations, and comfort levels with technology.

So while cloud computing can indeed be beneficial, it also carries ramifications that will impact your learning and readiness strategies:

  1. Accessibility: Your learning program must be accessible from all kinds of devices, without barriers such as log-ins or sacrificing security. Younger employees are used to accessing information from anywhere, anytime, without hassle.
  2. Flexibility: Your learning program must be flexible. Employees of all generations want appropriate training, delivered in the right way, at the right time for their needs. Sometimes a virtual instructor is what’s needed; other times it’s self-paced webinars; and even good old in-class face-to-face training has its place. Millennials and GenXers both have shorter attention spans, and are used to looking up exactly what they need to know, just when they need it making just-in-time training strategies a must.
  3. Variety: Your learning strategy has to provide access to all kinds of information—role-based or siloed information is so last century! Learners want two-way dialog and discussion, in addition to content.
  4. Collaborative: Your learning strategy has to be collaborative. GenXers and Millennials want and expect collaboration, teamwork and feedback, through such varied channels as texting, discussion forums, and live chat. Yet the Boomers in your organization are less enamored of technology and prefer face-to-face collaboration.
  5. Measureable: Your learning strategy has to measure results—both of your training program and of your individuals. Cloud systems can meter and report when, what and for how long a person is using a computer resource, which can help you determine if they have learned the material and if the material is compelling.

Bottom line, your learning program must demonstrate ROI. If you apply your training resources appropriately to the new Cloud environment, and across generational expectations, how much more will you sell, how much more productive will your people be, how much can you shrink training costs?

To learn more about how a Cloud-appropriate training strategy can help your company drive more revenue, we’re offering a free one-hour consultation with a WrightRobbins learning architect. During that session, we’ll talk about how to transform your training strategy to align with your cloud environment and/or the overall makeup of your workforce. Contact us to get started.