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It scares me to think that Michael Vick can commit such an


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A corollary of this problem is the difficulty in recruiting


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Screaming Eagles’ biggest fan


How can you question the life long Sydney resident who seen it all, including the legendary and now defunct Sydney Millionaires, who, up into the 1950s, drew some of the country finest hockey players to Cape Breton port city.

had a different kind of hockey back then, to be honest with you, said the father of six. had professionals that were being paid. They were all seasoned guys who played hockey for years. Now, you dealing with a bunch of young boys that have hockey at heart. They doing one hell of a good job, too. wholesale jerseys from china every year since the founding of the team in 1997, Henderson has his season tickets. He followed his same annual ritual for Cape Breton season opener on Friday at Centre 200. His daughter dropped him off at the building main entrance, and he mosied in, greeting a few old pals in the lobby en route to his seat, joining a familiar clique of fellow die hard Screaming Eagles fans.

just love the whole atmosphere, he said. it wonderful to see the people you known your entire life. You meet them in the lobby, and you shoot the breeze. That about it. whose hockey career petered out after his school days, is the type of man who sees the good in things. He always marvelled at the young players, many of whom leave their home provinces and families, who overcome difficult challenges including a gruelling Quebec Major Junior Hockey League schedule to pursue their dream.

guys are all playing their hearts out. They a great bunch of kids who are trying to better themselves along the way. has his share of highlights, including the two seasons when Cape Breton made it to the league semifinals.

He got a list of all time favourites. Among them are Pittsburgh Penguins netminder Marc Andre Fleury, and home grown talent, including Logan Shaw, James Sheppard, Chris Culligan and of course the team current leading scorer, Kyle Farrell of Howie Centre.

Farrell will be a sweet little hockey player, he said.

He adamant about one thing: all of the former players who have gone on to play pro hockey should have their jerseys retired and hung from the rafters.

Win or lose, he always been behind the team. This year, however, he particularly excited about Cape Breton chances. Not only do the Screaming Eagles boast a solid cast of veterans and youth and depth upfront and at the back end, the team, he adds, is getting great leadership in head coach Marc Andre Dumont. Dumont, who came on board 20 months ago, is credited for largely orchestrating a promising top to bottom team rebuild.

whole thing changed, he said. young man really has these kids interested. I think they play their heart out for him. It probably the best team we ever have. this day, his all time favourite player remains Bobby Orr, a man who single handedly transformed the game. Henderson loves wide open hockey and believes fighting should be banned from the game.

you watch international and Olympic hockey, it good clean hockey, a lot of passing, speed and end to end rushes. That what I love. admits he had a blessed life, starting with a wonderful family. He run a variety of automobile dealerships in Sydney, a career he loved.