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Top 3 New Skills Required by SharePoint


Over the last several years Microsoft has discovered additional business problems that SharePoint can solve. But these additional features and solutions require IT teams to think differently about how they develop and manage their SharePoint platform beyond local collaboration or the archiving of enterprise data.  The skills traditionally needed to make a SharePoint installation successful, such as system architects, site administrators, SQL DBAs or business analysts are still critical, but the types of skills they need have expanded.

Microsoft has identified  six advanced workloads that, along with their associated business drivers, results in the following new skills that may be needed in an IT team supporting SharePoint:

  • Insights (or business intelligence).  Skills in data management, report design and data analysis or Content  (also known as ECM) require a deep knowledge of records management processes, along with an appreciation of regulatory requirements.
  • Sites workload (using SharePoint as an externally facing web site) skills like advanced html design (if the site is a consumer facing information site), or Line of Business user authentication skills (if SharePoint is being used as a supply chain management extranet site).
  • Communities (building online communities within SharePoint) skills. There are some gaps in the toolset delivered by SharePoint that can lead to the need for 3rd party tools.  For instance, the lack of a micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter) capability in SharePoint  which, if needed for business, requires the integration of tools from 3rd party vendors like Newsgator or Neudesic.  Integration of these tools calls for advanced developer skills

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