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Public policy does not reflect general public interest


Pundits harp on about a “divided America” between democrats and republicans. In fact, it has been well known for some time that public opinion in the United States is well to the left of both major political parties. The “division” of the United States is not between democrats and republicans, but between the population and the political establishment. If we’re serious about democracy, our representative political bodies should at least roughly follow the will of the people, which thus far, they have refused to do.

A major study conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) shortly after Bush’s re election in 2004 found that the vast majority of Americans were opposed to his federal budget. In general, where the Bush administration wanted spending to increase, the public wanted it to decrease, and vice versa. Given the opportunity, the public would substantially increase or decrease the amount of spending on all federal programs. The “most dramatic changes were deep cuts in defense spending, a significant reallocation toward deficit reduction, and increases in spending on education, job training, reducing reliance on oil, and veterans.”

Despite the attempts of evildoers and terrorists surely lurking behind every curtain, “defense spending received the deepest cut, being cut on average 31 percent equivalent to $133.8 billion with 65 percent of respondents cutting.” In addition, the second largest cut was supplemental for the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, with two thirds of Americans cutting. The majority of Americans would cut “the capability for large scale nuclear wars, the number of nuclear weapons and spending on developing new types of nuclear weapons.” This stands in direct opposition to Bush administration plans to expand our nuclear weaponry. Fifty eight percent of Americans would reduce “capabilities for large scale naval wars and large scale land wars,” which would include spending cuts on new types of naval destroyers, bombers and submarines.

Americans would sharply increase spending on domestic programs. Spending on job training and employment would be increased by 263 percent if it were up to Americans. The majority also favor increasing spending on education, medical research, and veterans’ benefits. Seventy percent of Americans would increase spending on “conserving and developing renewable energy” by 1,090 percent. Spending on the environment would also increase. In addition, 63 percent would roll back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.

The democrats do not serve the public interest because, essentially, they serve the same interests that fund the Republican Party: big business. Any look at campaign contributions reveal this fact. Multinational corporations give money to candidates who back corporate interests. Any candidate who makes it clear they will not serve the interests of big business will not get any funding, and thus that candidate’s messages and ideas will not be transmitted to the public. The population is then left with a field of candidates with minor differences who mostly argue about technicalities.

For example, the public has strongly supported a national health plan for some time. government guaranteeing health insurance for all citizens, even if it means raising taxes.” Every other poll on the matter reveals the same results. Yet, the democrats continue to pander to the insurance companies because these insurance companies would lose profits if a real health care plan were implemented. The health care plans of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards still preserve the role of insurance companies; thus, it’s okay to fund their campaigns. But Dennis Kucinich, a candidate who offers a plan that is more in line with what Americans want and dissolves the role of insurance companies, gets no corporate funding. The media ignores and marginalizes him, portraying him as an unserious, far left candidate.

More troubling is the fact that the three major candidates for the Democratic nomination (Clinton, Obama and Edwards) have all proclaimed their willingness to become international terrorists and war criminals upon entering office. All three have refused to rule out the use of force against Iran. The act of attacking Iran would be a war crime. International law is clear in this regard; the threat or use of force against another is illegal. Perhaps even more bizarre are Obama’s threats to bomb Pakistan to assassinate Al Qaeda leaders, a move that would be flatly illegal. The correct procedure is to seek extradition and try the criminals in an international court. In other words, to utilize diplomacy something else Americans have said should be used over military options in the “war on terror.”


Disruptive Learning: Align IT Training Strategy & Business Goals


At my firm, we embrace a concept we call “Disruptive Learning.” While this may sound negative at first, it’s actually a very positive thing. With this approach, we encourage your organization to disrupt, or re-think, your existing learning strategy so you (more…)


Heather Hummel


A graduate with High Distinction from the University of Virginia, Heather holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree with concentrations in English and Secondary Education. in Metaphysical Sciences.

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Sharepoint Portals & Collaboration

Top 3 New Skills Required by SharePoint


Over the last several years Microsoft has discovered additional business problems that SharePoint can solve. But these additional features and solutions require IT teams to think differently about how they develop and manage their SharePoint platform beyond local collaboration or the archiving of enterprise data.  The skills traditionally needed to make a SharePoint installation successful, such as system architects, site administrators, SQL DBAs or business analysts are still critical, but the types of skills they need have expanded. (more…)


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Labor relations is the study and practice


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