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Sur une deux fois deux voies


Sur une deux fois deux voies, à 120 km/h, un motard est plus stable, et double sans problème. Une voiture à 120 km/h sur la même route sera un réel danger (de un pour un freinage forcé éventuel, de deux parce qu occupe plus de largeur). Les motards qui doublent dans la file au feu rouge? En quoi cela est il réellement gênant? Je pense plutôt que c l de l qui est surdimensionné, et qu n pas de se voir doubler par ce qu crois appeler par juste cause un petit con Tant que le motard ne vous fait pas de mal, pourquoi s plaindre? Au moins, il ne se recevra pas toutes les vapeurs de vos pots d nauséabonds dans la figure! (Encore un avantage).

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how to make a rainbow loom starburst bracelet


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Sharepoint Portals & Collaboration

Maximizing Your SharePoint Investment With Clients


We all know that SharePoint provides great out of the box value. You can install SharePoint in a matter of hours and have a production team site up and running, ready for collaboration the same day. Although this is one of the attractions to the product, it can also be a source of frustration as poorly planned environments can end up creating many of the same problems they were designed to solve in the first place. (more…)

Cloud Technologies

Clarity On Cloud Computing


As someone who is passionate about Core IT Infrastructure, I get asked a lot of questions about the “cloud”. When we talk about “The Cloud” it is important to understand that the term is somewhat loaded, and it comes with a lot of marketing baggage. It gets touted by a large global ISV, by the leading search provider, as well as the world’s largest online retailer. Each one has multiple cloud offerings, and each one is vying for your business. So if we are going to make sense of this Cloud nonsense, it helps to know the players and the rules. (more…)

Business Analytics

Business Intelligence: In As Many Words…


Words. That’s really what it is all about, isn’t it? information we place with confidence into our data and content management systems – words – has to live up to what we “mean” at the time it becomes a cognoscente communication, both from our perspective as a domain expert (whether technical or not) and the perspective of our organization, immediate constituency, industry, or the world at large. (more…)

Cloud Technologies

IT Business Enabler: Becoming A Learning Architect


Just a few short months ago, I relocated myself to Washington from New York. It’s a big change – I’m trading New York snow for Seattle rain. Despite the often-gray days, I am looking forward to calling Seattle home. (more…)