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America’s new favorite liquor shot


America’s new favorite liquor shot

It comes in a yellow labeled bottle with a fire breathing demon on it. It tastes like Big Red chewing gum.It’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, and lately it’s been as hot as its name.”Fireball is number one, definitely. That’s pretty much the chosen shot,” said Belue, who enjoys it herself now and then. “On an average night, we probably go through three or four bottles.”If you’re young say, under 35 this may not be news to you. Fireball, which didn’t exist in its current form a decade ago, is the fastest growing big brand of liquor in America. as measured by retail sales ahead of such venerable labels as Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo and Grey Goose.And these figures don’t include sales in bars, where Fireball has dethroned Jagermeister as America’s party shot of choice. canada goose sale Or social media feeds, which fill with photos of Fireball flavored revelry and FireballFriday hashtags.”Fireball is an incredible phenomenon. “For a whiskey, this is unprecedented.”The only thing we throwback on Thursday is more whisky. (The “whisky” spelling generally refers to Scotches or Canadian varieties, while “whiskey” refers to Irish or American styles.)Its slogan is “Tastes like heaven, burns like hell,” but that’s an exaggeration. Fireball has a kick, but it doesn’t burn as much as straight whiskeys, cheap tequilas or even the Atomic Fireball hard candy that helped inspire its name.It’s also only 66 proof, or 33% alcohol less than most whiskeys.Fireball is especially popular among young drinkers and women, many of whom say they like that it doesn’t singe their throat and leaves a Dentyne like aftertaste.But not everyone is a fan. Whiskey enthusiasts the types who can talk knowledgeably about single malt Scotches mostly turn up their noses at the stuff.

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